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Hurricane Sandy Knocks Out A Disabled Man’s Breathing Machine And A Heartwarming Journey To Save Him Unfolds


Crystal Evans has never met Nick Dupree. Nick lives in the Tribeca area of Manhattan and Crystal lives in Boston. The only time they speak is to share advice and stories on an online forum dedicated to people with mitochondrial disease - a disease they both share.

Nick, however, has a much more severe case than Crystal, and though they are both wheelchair bound, Nick’s disease requires him to be on a feeding tube and ventilator. So when Superstorm Sandy approached, and New York City slowly began to lose power, Crystal immediately thought of Nick. So, as one does, she opened up her Facebook to see if Nick was okay. Turns out, she was right to be worried. Nick had posted that his power had gone out, and the nurses who usually help him couldn’t get into the city because all public transit had been suspended. 

Nick only had so many hours before all of his equipment would shut off. And that’s when Crystal sprung to action, organizing a massive effort to save Nick Dupree.

Transcript coming soon.

Photo credit: Jonathan Percy

An Honest Cab Driver In New York City

Nate and Mohammed

So I was in New York this past Saturday riding in a taxi. About 2 minutes after I got out, I realized I had forgotten to get my suitcase and laptop out of the trunk. Unfortunately, the taxi was long gone and I didn’t have a medallion number or any way to figure out what cab it was. My friends told me it was unlikely I’d ever see them again. 

Well, a few hours later, I got a call on my cell phone. It was the driver of the cab, telling me he had my bags. He was overjoyed that he had reached me, and apologized (!) that he was out at JFK airport, but he said that be would be back soon and would bring them to me. Well he did just that, and everything was right in place, including my laptop and new iPad. 

A huge thanks to Mohammed, the driver of NYC taxi 7C96. Its good to know there are still honest people in the world who do the right thing!

-Submitted by Nate Wolfson