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A Candy Factory And Lasting Memory

Christine P. had just taken her son, Michael, to the pediatrician to get his shots. Understandably, Michael left the doctor’s office quite upset. So to cheer him up, his mother decided to take him to the NECCO Candy Factory in Revere, Mass. But when they arrived, it started raining. Buckets. And to make matters worse, the store was closed. It seemed that an effort to cheer up her son had been foiled by nature and circumstance; that is, until a stranger stepped in.


About a year ago my son just had a bunch of shots and he was feeling pretty lousy. So I decided to cheer him up by bringing him to the Necco factory in Revere, MA. Well, we pulled up to the empty parking lot and right then the sky opened up and it was pouring rain, and we decided to run towards the factory store. I was so focused on getting out of the rain that I didn’t realize the store had closed. So here I was - I had my son who was really upset, the store was dark. And that’s when this well dressed man exited the building just from a few doors down from where we were standing, and he came up to us and said hello. And I said hello back. And at that point in time he informed me that the president of Necco had watched us, and he pointed reverently to the sky above him and said that the president was sorry, that the store was closed, and that he was instructed to provide us with any candy we were interested in. He left us, and we just stood there not really sure what to expect, and a few minutes later he came back with two bags filled with Necco candy. My son was beaming and I was completely blown away, and here it is a year later, whenever I see a Necco product, I always smile. 


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    I love NECCO candy! Slap Stix are the best, just hard to find! Cute story. Thank you for sharing!
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    I’m pretty sure this is as close as we’re going to get to actual empirical evidence that Republicans are racists.
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    Now I love Necco wafers even more. Great story!
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