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The Drive-Thru Game

Have you ever been in a drive-thru or paying the toll at a toll booth only to find that the car in front of you has generously paid for you? Well, you might have been riding behind Dennis C. You see, Dennis makes a game out of being kind to people and he has been ever since he was a teenager. Here he is explaining it.

Music: Poor Boy, Minor Key
by M. Ward


What I find is when you’re having a lousy day and you feel like the world is moving in all the wrong direction, I find it beneficial to go after something I can control, and try to do something that will improve somebody’s day. To me, I make a game of it. The goal is do something nice for someone but don’t get caught doing it. So go through the tollbooth, go through the drive-thru and by a coffee for the person behind you, or tell the tollbooth operator, “Hey, the guy behind me too. Tell him I said to have a nice day!” and then you get out of there as fast as you can, because you don’t want to get caught.

One time, and this must have been years ago, I was coming home from Hampton beach in NH and I came through the toll and I paid the toll for the car behind me, and it ended up being a car full of rowdy teenage guys. And I took off and tried to lose them, and I weaved through some traffic and I thought I had escaped and they came flying up behind me in the rearview. Eventually they caught me as I was getting off the off-ramp, and they were whizzing by on the highway, and they all had t heir heads out the window and they were all screaming and waving “thanks!” That was probably one of the first times I did something like that, and it gets kind of addicting. I think we can choose to have a responsibility to one another, and we can choose to be good to each other. I remember my mother helping out and buying groceries for a family nearby – it was actually a friend of mine – and it was always a big secret that he wasn’t to know that my mother was helping his mother. And there are limitless opportunities that come along for us to do that, and you’ve got to put that out there if that’s the world you want to live in. 


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